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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I cast my vote?

A: To vote for a website listed on TopVetteSites.com, you must visit that site, look for the TopVetteSites.com voting banner and/or link and click it. 

Q: How are Corvette sites ranked?

A: Votes for a given Corvette site are registered by a person clicking on a link TO TopVetteSites.com FROM the site for which they want to vote. 

Q: How often can I vote for a Corvette site?

A: You may only vote for any given Corvette site once per month.  With each vote, we record what computer sent the vote (this is done without personally identifying you or storing anything on your computer). So technically, you could vote more than once per month if you use multiple computers to do so. 

Q: What does the "Clicks" number mean?

A: Clicks are the number of times a link on TopVetteSites.com is clicked in a given month.  Every time a link on one of the Rankings pages is clicked, that site's click count increases for the current month.  This has no effect on the site's ranking, it is only an indication of visits TO that site FROM TopVetteSites.com.  Only the click counts for the Current Month will be affected.  Last Months click count will never change as it is an historical count. 

Q: How do I add a Corvette site to TopVetteSites.com?

A: Please see the "Add a Site" page for full details. 

Q: Why do the rankings reset each month?

A: Site popularity changes from month to month. We reset the counters each month to give all sites a fair chance to be high in the rankings. As their popularity changes, so should their ranking. 

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question not answered above?

A: Send an email to our Help Desk